For those who do not know me, my name is Cyrus Mistry, aged 53.

FEBRUARY 2013 UPDATE: I am pleased to say that to date I have raised around £6500 for the CFF.  My fundraising efforts continue and my new target is set at £10,000.  The problems that these poor & disadvantaged children face are never ending.  To see the short video and to read about my climb please go to the page titled “The Big Climb” or click on this link –

I was born and raised in India but now live in rural England in a small village about half way between London and Birmingham.  The picture on the left was taken during a visit to Portsmouth, on the south coast of England.
This website was developed primarily for my friends & family who live all over the world, in order to inform them about my charity hike to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in October 2012.

If this has reached a wider audience then I am very pleased that it has done so.

I am very proud to be supporting a charity called the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation (CFF) which was started in 2008 and has already helped many thousands of poor and disadvantaged children all over the world.

My target is to raise £4,000 for the CFF.  This figure is over and above my personal contribution which stands at around £3,000 (for air fares, accomodation, porter & guide costs, equipment & training).  100% of your donation will go to the CFF.

I am only climbing a hill (admittedly it is a very big one); the children I hope to support have almost nothing and I feel that it is now my turn to do something for them.

Whatever your situation and wherever you are, I would really appreciate every little bit of help I can get to achieve and hopefully exceed this target.  Any donation, even a token contribution of £5 or £10, will be much appreciated and together we will be able to make a huge difference in shaping the lives of these children and give them a stepping stone towards a better and brighter future.  Your impact will truly last a lifetime.

I thank you all in advance for any contributions.  Each and every one of you can help further by forwarding my website to your friends and family and out to an even bigger audience through social networking in order to help support a really worthy cause.

Below are pictures of some of the CFF projects around the world:

TANZANIA – CFF built an orphanage for 100 children. To date a 2nd one is under construction.


HONDURAS – The 1st Lyoness Foundation school.  To date the work has nearly been completed.  Construction of a water well will begin shortly.


PHILLIPINES – Major renovations to a school of 400 pupils.  To date 16 classrooms have been completed.  Work is being carried out on 3 more.


ETHIOPIA – CFF provided 1500 goats to 150 impoverished families in 2009.

These projects, some completed and others near completion, have contributed so much to these children’s lives.  Let us help make a difference to more children.

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